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Sightseeing in Bath 

There is much to see in Bath. We have selected some pictures

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Bath Abbey

Bath Abbey is in the centre of Bath next to to Pump Rooms and Roman Baths
Walking distance from the station 10 mins
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Camden Crescent

Camden Crescent is another fine example of the brilliant architecture of the time.
When visiting Bath take some time out to see the crescent and take in a great view of Bath below
Note there is no where to park by the crescent Learn More

Great Pulteney St

Great Pulteney Street was used fro the film set in Vanity Fair in Dec 2009
For full visual impact stand in front of the fountain in Laura Place and then look down the street, then do the same from the Holburne museum end Learn More

Hanging tree

Hanging tree is in the middle of the green and is where executions took place is a very old tree in the middle of the green, best seen when in full leaf. Learn More

Landsdown Crescent

If you are heading up to see the Becford Tower up to Lansdown, then drop in and have a look at Landsdown Crescent, another fine example of Georgian splendour.
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Medieval wall

Medieval wall in Bath can be found in Orchard street, just across the road from the Royal Mineral Hospital Learn More

Pulteney Bridge

Traffic on the bridge is restricted to service viecles, taxi and bus.
Attewmpting to cross the bridge in any direction will lead to a fixed penalty fine.
The bridge is lined by shops and restaurants continuing through to Argyle St, Laura Place and Great Pulteney Street

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Royal Crescent

The Royal Crescent is best viewed from the Royal Victoria Park, from the park road you will see the crescent, just centre your self then walk on the grass towards the Ha Ha, which is an embankment below the crescent.
The opening night of the Bath International Music festival opening night used to be held in full view of the Crescent, showing a spectacular sight with candles lit in every window with all the Bath residents, enjoying the free entertainment, picnics and sensible wine drinking. Unfortunately in 2009 a bad decision was taken to end years of tradition. The opening night no longer happens in front of the crescent . What a shame. Learn More

The Circus

What a wonderous site especially in the summer when the trees are in full leaf. The Circus is best seen on foot Learn More

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