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History of Bath

Bath is steeped in history and culture, we have listed some snippets of Baths past and some of the people that made great changes, some great architects and builders that have made Bath into a city of great archeture.
We will be adding to this section as and when we can 

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16th Century Medieval Bathing

1st picture is a Medieval bathing in Bath
2nd picture is a drawing by Thomas Johnson shows the King’s Bath in 1675. The rectangular form derives from the earlier Roman building within which the bath was built.
3rd picture is of Mediaeval wall in Bath can be found in Orchard street, just across the road from the Royal Mineral Hospital
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Bath timeline

Bath timeline Learn More

Beau Nash man of fashion

Beau Nash, Man of fashion 1674-1761. By artist William Hoare Learn More


Bladud of Bath, the British King who learnt to fly. is one of the most remarkable characters to figure in Bath’s history. Learn More

Henry Goodridge architect

Goodridge built the following below
Cleveland Bridge, 826
The Corridor, 1825
Beckford's Tower, 1827 Learn More

John Palmer

John Palmer of Bath (1742 – 16 August 1818. Instigator of the postal reforms in England Learn More

John Wood the elder and Jnr architects

John Wood the elder and John Wood Jnr
Great architects of Bath
The Circus By John Wood Jnr
The Royal Crescent by John Wood the elder
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Ralph Allen

Ralph Allen, entrepreneur and philanthropist Learn More

William Beckford writer

William Beckford, writer
Commissioned Henry Goodridge to build him a tower up in Lansdown.
The Tower is known as Beckfords Tower
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